Illustrated Book: Ben Franklin's in My Bathroom
Picture Book: Giant Pants
A funny fantasy picture book
Picture Book: Great, Now We've Got Barbarians
Picture book written by Jason Carter Eaton illustrated by Mark Fearing from Candlewick press. Out in 2016 or early 2017.
Picture Book: The Book That Eats People
A picture book I illustrated. Heavy use of Photoshop from pencil sketches. I do all my painting and drawing in Phtoshop from scanned pencil roughs.
Picture Book: The Great Thanksgiving Escape
Wrote and illustrated a picture book being released by Candlewick Press in Sept. 2014
Picture Book: The Three Little Aliens...
The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot - A picture book written by Margaret McNamara and illustrated by Mark Fearing from Schwartz& Wade an imprint of Random House.
Picture Book: How Martha Saved...
How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans written by David LaRochelle, illustrated by Mark Fearing from Dial Books fro Young Readers.
Graphic Novel: Earthling!
Written and illustrated by Mark Fearing from Chronicle Books.
Picture Book: Dilly Dally Daisy
Dilly Dally Daisy written and illustrated by Mark Fearing, © 2015. Released by Dial Book for Young Readers.
Picture Book: A Very Witchy Spelling Bee
A picture book written by George Shannon and illustrated by Mark Fearing from Harcourt Children's Books.
Picture Book: Tommy Can't Stop
A picture book written by Tim Federle, illustrated by Mark Fearing from Disney Hyperion.
Picture Book: Superhero Instruction Manual
Just a few images I created fro a new picture book from Alfred A. Knopf written by Kristy Dempsey. Look for it in 2016!
Illustrated Book: So You Want To Catch Bigfoot
Book illustrations.
Picture Book: Chicken Story Time
A new picture book from Dial Books for Young Readers. Written by Sandy Asher. Look for it soon in bookstores and online. Well, when I say soon, I mean late 2016 or early 2017. Soonish...
Book Reports
An online animated show that looks at the fun and follies of student book reports.
Quick sketch, Apple Pencil
Quick sketch using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
Various photoshop painting fun
Having fun painting atop photos of the Oregon coast.
Cave Bear and Duck
A full color, all ages friendly comic story that was released as a 'read-along' comic book for the iPad in 2011.
ebook: The Colonel
The first two pages and cover from a short story I wrote and illustrated. I exported it as a free ebook available on the Apple iBook store and a formatted PDF available on my blog.
ebook: The Thing with No Head
An original ebook available on Apple's iBookstore for $1.99 (hint-hint). There is a free 8 page sample available there as well.
eBook: The Boy Who Was Swallowed by a Tiger
An original all ages friendly ebook for Apple's iBookstore. It is available fro $1.99 and looks great on an iPad. I wrote and illustrated this in between my deadlines over a year.
Alien Trading Cards
A series of illustrated aliens with a bit about their history. You can see them all at my website:
Illustrations for a website that features fictional stories about Hollywood written by Hollywood insiders.
Slightly gothic and dark.
Odds and ends that have a bit of a gothic feel. Some old pieces, some for works in progress. Some just one-offs for no good reason.
Illustrations: This, that and the other thing.
Various illustrations on genre topics - monsters, aliens, superheroes, robots, crows...See more visit
CD art
Illustrations for a CD.
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